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Your siding is asked to do so much. Durable. Beautiful. Affordable. That’s a tall order. So, head to your Homeland.

One of the most popular home siding options available on the market today is vinyl siding, and for good reasons. Along with vinyl siding, fiber cement siding is another popular house siding option many Wichitans prefer.

Both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding have their advantages. At Homeland we excel in consulting with customers on these five important factors:

Comparing Vinyl Siding to Fiber Cement Siding

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Insulated vinyl siding increases your wall’s insulating ability, or R-value. You’ll also benefit in the summertime as this type of siding prevents the walls of your home from the hotter temperatures that fiber cement siding can often allow.
  2. Durability
    Both types of siding are extremely durable options to wood siding. Vinyl siding, however wins over fiber cement, though, as fiber cement can absorb water which can lead to rot. Since vinyl siding is flexible, it’s virtually crack-proof and chip-proof, whereas fiber cement is quite rigid and is prone to cracking.
  3. Maintenance
    Fiber cement siding installation requires caulking and painting, whereas vinyl siding needs neither. And fiber cement siding will fade over time, so expect to paint and caulk periodically. Meanwhile, vinyl siding easily cleans up with your garden hose and soapy water.
  4. Aesthetics
    Fiber cement siding gives a warm wood look to a home that vinyl siding cannot, though vinyl siding textures and colors are fast catching up with a simulated wood grain look. Fiber cement siding can even resemble stone siding.
  5. Affordability
    Expect the cost of vinyl siding installation to be about one third less than fiber cement siding. You’ll also save money over time since vinyl siding doesn’t require caulking or painting. And if you go with vinyl siding, the savings continue with lower heating and cooling costs.

For the best home siding solution, turn to your very own Homeland.

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Worker Replacing Vinyl Siding
Worker Replacing Vinyl Siding

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